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The cinema is considered as seventh art, anything assigned by Riccioto Canudo in his do the job “Manifesto of the Seven Arts” posted in 1911. This would be the to start with time that would determine the cinema as this sort of, a thought that will settle and will reach nowadays as synonymous with the big screen.
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Horror Cinema: It is a cinematographic style that is characterized by its will to provoke in the spectator inner thoughts of dread, worry, disgust, disgust or horror. His arguments often create the sudden intrusion into a normal area of some pressure, event or character of a malign nature, frequently of criminal or supernatural origin. Famous illustrations of this sort of films can be:
Paranormal Action, Place 1408, REC, REC 2.
Comedy Cinema: It is a film with humor or that tries to provoke the laughter of the viewers. Together with drama and science fiction, comedy is one particular of the most important film genres. Famous illustrations of this kind of films can be: Disaster Film, SuperHero, Scary Film.
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